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There are many motorcyclists and people who like to ride motorcycles and, like with many other things in life, there’s a norm to follow when it comes to what you wear on your bike. In most cases, it’s handy to have the right outfit that’s suited to whatever you’re doing on your bike. That being said, having the right outfit does not mean that you have to wear the same outfit or look alike. You can have a tailored suit, a skinny jacket, a comfortable helmet, and so on.

The bike and the bike race fit and look different. As a result, we need to design a motorcycle suit that will not only fit the rider perfectly but also be comfortable and breathable while the bike is on the track.

"How should a motorcycle race suit fit? What is the proper fit for jockstraps, belts, and winter jackets? The right fit will make riding on the bike more comfortable and enjoyable. When shopping for the right fit, the first thing you need to do is understand how to measure your body.


A good starting point for all that measurement is a tape measure. It should be comfortable on your skin, not too tight, and especially not too loose. Most of us now have a little bit of experience with measuring ourselves, but most of us do it the wrong way.

How to take correct measurements?

 For example, most people measure their waist with a tape measure, but that is a poor fit. Most of us also measure our body fat percentage with a tape measure, but that is a very bad plan as is necessary to take a tape measure and put it around your body.  There are a few things that you should do to make this measurement as accurate as possible.  When you measure yourself, you need to take your clothes off and lay down on a flat surface.You need to measure the length of your body along your torso.  The measurement should be directly on the skin, but not too tight or too loose.


Custom size race suits give the best fitting as they are made per rider's body measurements, riding position, and race requirements. All the professional riders from WSBK and MotoGP wear custom size suits.

Always go for a suit that is ergonomically designed for rider's comfort and equipped with certified level I or II protection. These features might add some dollars to their cost, but they will ensure your safety, and without a doubt, safety must be the rider's priority number one.